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My story is not the one you typically hear. Growing up, I wasn't very creative. I had (and still have) a passion for economics, and at 21 I graduated with a master's degree in business economics. I managed to earn the position of procurement planner and master data analyst in a growing company.  After two years, I felt like I was missing something and that quickly turned out to be creativity. 

I discovered that fashion design offers me the creativity, satisfaction and challenge I need. In 2022, I started a bachelor's degree in fashion technology at HoGent. It is more than I could have wished for.  I dream of a future where I can combine my passion for fashion and economics and turn them into stunning, colorful results. On to more!


Hey there! 

 I'm Emily Goderis and I will take you on my journey through fashion

Interested in some fun facts? 

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